Singer Futura XL 400 sewing and embroidery machine

e3Singer is a brand that has been known all across the world, particularly in Southeast Asia for a long period of time. However, lately, they have been in the news for providing a variety of new embroidery machines, the latest of which happens to be the Singer Futura XL 400. One of the latest in the new generation of Futura line of machinery, it is with this machine that they have hit the nail on the head.

Features of Singer Futura embroidery machine: –

  • It comes with 30 built-in stitches which are inclusive of 2 automatic one-step buttonholes.
  • It contains two Hoop sizes; it also includes a 10” X 6” hoop which comes with the multiple hooping capabilities that can be used for the large projects.
  • The machine also contains over 120 embroidery designs inbuilt and fed within the machine.
  • Simple threading technology ensures that you need not have to worry about threading the needle anymore. The automatic machine would take care of that aspect.
  • The drop-in bobbin is great when it comes to jam free embroidery work that is to be done on tough fabrics.
  • Computer connectivity, with the help of a USB cable ensures that you will be able to download the designs as well as edit the designs on your computer and get them fed into the machine for use later on. By doing so, it is effectively kept the cost of the machine down to manageable levels.
  • 24 hours customer service is provided with the purchase of this machine to ensure that people are not neglected when it comes to taking care of the problems they face in running this machine.
  • The machine comes with a reading manual, which helps you to get rid of the hiccups in learning about the software in the machine. The learning curve is pretty simple, and definitely helps you in creating good designs within a short period of time.
  • Swift Smart thread system introduced so as to prevent any kind of lag in the sewing department.
  • It has over 13 needle positions to help the user to create excellent and precise stitching on the top of the fabric.
  • Automatic tension is introduced in the Singer Futura XL 400 to make the sewing line taut and prevent any kind of lag in the sewing pattern.
  • LED light included within the model; and there are absolutely no worries in regards to stitching if the light is not present.
  • Six piece of feed dog drop included for precision handling of the machine.
  • The machine goes through a horizontal thread delivery, making it effective in the delivery of the sewing patterns. This will create good backgrounds, without having to worry about thread tackling.
  • The machine contains a built-in thread cutter, enabling you to minimize the loss in the thread during stitching.
  • It contains a built-in LCD display with comes with buttons so as to select the pattern of stitch that you need.
  • Over 7 feet of thread have been included with the Singer Futura embroidery machine.
  • The editing capabilities of a basic nature have been inclusive in the machine itself. There is no need for you to get it connected to the computer as and when small changes are required within the design.

Disadvantages of Singer Futura embroidery machine: –

  • A number of consumers have complained about the software and drivers incompatibility of the Singer Futura embroidery machine with their computer.
  • Even when the design is small, the needle is always directed to the larger hoop.
  • The machine did not have a precision setting that could go around the scalloped edge, which is normally curved.

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