Brother pe500 embroidery machine

Switching from manual embroidery to mechanized embroidery means adding convenience, precision and time economy to your embroidery experience. However, although that can be the first step toward a more enjoyable embroidering experience but the job doesn’t stop here. The most important step is yet to be taken and that is to select the best embroidery machine for you. But what is best for someone might be a total piece of scrap for you. The best embroidery machine means the one that is customized to your own personal needs and preferences. So, before you make a decision as to which brand of embroidery machine you should buy, take a thorough look at its features.e1

If you are among those whose first and top most priority is economy, you may like to have a look at our Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine with 70 Built in Designs and 5 Fonts Review. It is certainly the best embroidery machine for all those passionate embroiders who are looking for top features in lowest possible price. To help you make a learned decision we are here to give you a detailed Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine with 70 Built in Designs and 5 Review. Our review would enlist the features of this machine and would explain the pros and cons associated with this machine.

Brother, one of those embroidery machinery producing companies that have been around for quite a while, has been making positive waves in this industry with the introduction of new products. They have provided a lot of help to the new embroiderers by introducing products that could take on a certain level of automation, making it the perfect companion to all your futuristic designs.

However, there are concerns that due to the product being lightweight, one may not be able to achieve the stability required during the embroidery work. However, their latest product, PE500 aims to dispel all those rumors and help establish Brother as one of the foremost authorities in terms of embroidery machinery.

Features and Brother PE500 embroidery machine review: –

  • It contains a spacious 4” X4” area noted for embroidery. This can give you the required freedom to let loose your creativity and create some designs that can showcase your artistic nature.
  • The machinery comes with the starter kit inclusive. This helps you in understanding the various nuances of embroidery, and with over three spools of threads in regards to embroidery as well as medium weight stabilizer provided within the starter kit, you would certainly enjoy this product.
  • Floodlights are provided with this product, ensuring that even when there is no source of electricity, or you are working under a dim light, you need not worry about your embroidery getting Hayward and out of sync with the intended design.
  • It contains a futuristic backlit LCD screen, which contains a variety of designing and editing features, built-in designs as well as some tutorials that can kick start your venture into embroidery. All of that can be viewed with the help of the LCD display.
  • To ensure a certain amount of ease with threading, the PE500 brings forward a very convenient bobbin winding mechanism, which will help you to prepare the bobbins very quickly.
  • When you suffer from the phenomenon of a shaky hand or a very bad near eyesight, threading the needle is a task which is seemingly close to impossible. So, automatic needle threader is included in this machine, thereby ensuring that you can thread pretty quickly.
  • Keeping in touch with the latest in technology, the PE500 comes with connectivity with the computer. This way, you can download all the updates for the machine, and also new designs can be included and updated in this embroidery machine. Moreover, the machine makes use of the standard .pes files as well as the .pen files.
  • The new system of drop in bobbin ensures that it is jam resistant.
  • It contains a 25 year limited warranty along with free phone support. Moreover, the user manual is bilingual for the people that are challenged in learning the English language.
  • A visit to the official website will help you to get a lot of new designs and new patterns to be introduced into your embroidery skill. There is no need for you to scour the Internet in order to find out other designs which may not be compatible with your machine.

Disadvantages of the Brother PE500 embroidery machine: –

  • There are some people that may consider the $ 399 price tag to be a bit more than anticipated for a simple embroidery machine. However, looking at the features, it certainly justifies the price tag.
  • This machine cannot be used in countries that do not support the 120V AC line even when there is a voltage adapter in place.
  • For the people that do not have computer connectivity, downloading new designs is not possible. There are no other methods include new designs into this machine.


As you may have guessed from Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine with 70 built in Designs and 5 Fonts Review that this machine is one of the most economical choices to make when it comes to getting best features in minimum price. However, whether or not it is a suitable machine for you depends only on the fact that every customer has its own set of needs and preferences. If economy is your first preference, Brother PE500Embroidery Machine with 70 built in Designs and 5 fonts is certainly a wise choice. It is suitable for both the personal use as well as for those who are looking to set up a home business of embroidery and earn some money for themselves and their family. Have a great embroidering experience with your Brother PE500Embroidery Machine with 70 built in Designs and 5 fonts.

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